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Courier App is simple to use;

  • • You simply login to the application and enter your details.
  • • Once the delivery has been arranged your next point of contact would be confirming the time and date of the delivery.
  • • You will be given a delivery ‘window’ of when to expect goods. At this point you can contact your delivery driver to give a more precise time which would suit you.
  • • You can even track your parcel in transit via the application and see your parcel on a map.
  • • Upon receipt you simply ‘check’ the received prompt on your phone and the process is complete.

Customer confidentiality and security is of paramount importance which is why we use a secure portal.

With over 50 years’ experience in the industry we are always looking at better and more efficient methods of delivering a standard of service. This is how Courier App came about.



  1. It is important you provide the carrier with a full collection and delivery address including the full post code.
  2. Ensure the carrier has the name and telephone number of the person receiving the item. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the person receiving the delivery will be in attendance to receive the item otherwise extra costs may be incurred by repeated attempts to deliver the item.
  3. It is important that when seeking a bid that you state the quantity of items and the approximate weight of each item.
  4. If an item is above 25kg weight it is your responsibility to have a person to hand at both the collection and delivery points to assist the carrier if he/she feels it necessary and with larger items of furniture it will be absolutely necessary.
  5. Antiques, objects of art and other similar items must be appropriately wrapped to avoid damage.
  6. It is advised that with valuable items the customer insures them for transit if the situation is not covered by their home insurance or the carriers insurance.
  7. Pets or livestock cannot be accommodated.
  8. Please ensure you provide the carrier with all relevant instructions and information when posting your job and in any subsequent contact with the carrier preferably by text or email to avoid disputes between carrier and customer at a later date.
  9. If you require an item disposed of by way of the local authority refuge tip the charges made by the Council is the responsibility of the customer not the carrier and must be paid in advance.

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